Board and Staff Members

Richard Brumfield,Jr.


President and CEO

A service disabled veteran who founded Full Spectrum Omega, Inc.and Pacific Coast Wellness and Evolution Center to develop Phytocannabiniods formulations that meet the Military and Civilian needs. 

Guillermo Avina


Senior Partner and Chief Financial Officer.


Dr. John Frazier Glenn


  Senior Scientific Advisor (contracted) Accomplished research and development executive with more than 40 years of diverse experience in biomedical research and development at every level, from investigator to senior management, during service as a commissioned officer in the U. S. Army Medical Service Corps and as a member of the U. S. Army Senior Executive Service. As a former Senior Technical Advisor to the U. S. Army Human Dimension Council, and U. S. Principal Member on the NATO Human Factors and Medicine Panel, current primary focus area is the relationship between health and performance, particularly brain health.    



Board member


Robert Calkin


 Board Member 

Robert F. Calkin is a founding father of the cannabis industry. As an activist since the early seventies through today he has contributed not only as an advocate but as a business person. He founded Green Dot in 1988, the first branded cannabis delivery service and private patient group in America. He has done more patient to patient transactions and created more cannabis brands than anyone in the industry. In 2009 he created the first cannabis business school and seminar series Cannabis Career Institute and built that to a million dollar company by 2014.     

Attorney C. Gary Wainwright


  Full Spectrum Omega Lawyer (contracted) 

Gary Wainwright is a veteran trial lawyer and one of Louisiana’s most fierce defenders of our civil liberties. With over 25 years experience, Mr. Wainwright has represented more than 7,ooo citizens, successfully tried over 750 felony jury trials and conducted thousands of evidentiary hearings.  C. Gary Wainwright was admitted to the Louisiana bar on December 23rd 1989. Gary graduated from the Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  In addition, Mr. Wainwright is recognized as one of Louisiana's most knowledgeable persons with respect to the Drug War, Marijuana Prohibition, the medical use of cannabis, the law, it's effects and it's impacts. He has consistently advocated for the re-legalization of cannabis for 40 years and helped to write the original California medical marijuana law.  Specialties: Search and Seizure, Homicide, Drug Offenses, Medical Marijuana Defense,